Guardians of the Light

Book 1 in my new Space Opera saga Rogue Star Guardians of the Light, is now available on

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Rogue Star: Guardians of the Light

Renegade Captain Lake Strider can’t escape the decisions of his past... 
Captain Lake Strider decided to swindle one of the most feared mercenaries in the System. Now, he and his crew, Nadal-Ti a former assassin hoping to change her life around, Blurb an alien whose technical genius is unrivaled according to him, Delta-811 a fearless no-nonsense android and Taran a former captain who’s on a mission of redemption, are on the run in their freighter ship the Iron Saber.

Having to outrun a corrupt military, bounty hunters, and mercenaries in the present... 
Just when they believe they’ve had a moment to rest, they find a trio who’s looking to hitch a ride to the planet Pluh-Toh and their lives are

turned upside-down. The USS military, led by a mysterious new foe, is searching for that trio, and with each passing day, get closer to finding them.

While on a mission to protect a child that possess the key to an uncertain future...
When things couldn’t get any worse, Captain Lake Strider learns that the fate of the System rests in the hands of a ten-year-old boy, who carries an unimaginable power that the USS military seeks and will stop at nothing until they find it.

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